Daniel Brown

Daniel Brown’s poems have appeared in Poetry, Partisan Review, PN Review, Parnassus, The New Criterion and other journals, as well as a number of anthologies including Poetry 180  (ed. Billy Collins) and The Swallow Anthology of New American Poets (ed. David Yezzi). His work has been awarded a Pushcart prize, and his collection Taking the Occasion (Ivan R. Dee, 2008) won the New Criterion Poetry Prize. His latest collection is  What More?  (Orchises Press, 2015).
Brown’s criticism of poets and poetry has appeared in The Harvard Book Review, The New Criterion, PN Review, The Hopkins Review  and other journals. His Why Bach?  and Bach, Beethoven, Bartok  are audio-visual ebooks available at Amazon.com. 

A native New Yorker, Brown studied musical composition and musicology at Cornell University, holds a Masters in Musicology from Cornell, and taught music history and theory at Cornell and Dartmouth College. An interest in computers led him to the IT field, where he has worked at IBM and other companies in a variety of technical, marketing, and management positions.