About This Blog

I sometimes e-mail a friend about a moment in music, and include a link to a YouTube video by way of illustration. It occurs to me that maybe missives like this would be of a more general interest. Hence this blog.

Each Saturday I’ll post an entry about one of my favorite musical moments. Given their selection by an unreconstructed fuddy-duddy, these moments will come mostly (though not exclusively) from the classical canon.  To keep things at least passably fresh, I’ll try to steer clear of warhorses. (It’s not hard to imagine myself failing at this; if I do discuss a well-known work, I’ll try to hone in on a less-remarked aspect of it.) The entries will be on the short side, as I have no interest in making them exhaustive or, worse yet, exhausting.

If you have a look at these little communications, I hope you find them illuminating and enjoyable (actually I’ll take either one if you will).